Ulrich Klugius
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Ulrich Klugius


Head of development at "infoNetwork GmbH" / VOX


As the journalistic production subsidiary of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, infoNetwork GmbH supplies all of the group's channels with news, magazine and infotainment formats. The spectrum ranges from investigative reports like "Team Wallraff" to daily and weekly news and magazines like "RTL aktuell," "Punkt 12," "Exklusiv," "Extra," "Prominent" and "VOX-News" to entertaining info formats like "Die 10," "I like..." and "Life - Dumm gelaufen. In 2012, he became editorial director of his RTL "home editorial department" Explosiv and in 2015 also temporarily headed the editorial department "Magazin Spezial. Since February 2016, he has been in charge of format development and, as Content & Business Manager, has also coordinated exchanges between the media group's marketing units and infoNetwork.