Vlad Litvak

Vlad Litvak

BA Film | Editing Picture & Sound


Editing and Sound Design (a. o. RED, RED, RED)



VLAD LITVAK born 1995 in Kiev, Ukraine | Since 2000 in Germany | 2013 Abitur | About one year internship at Postprohaus for TV and commercials | Many independent film projects and freelance work as editor and cameraman | 2014-2017 Assistant editor at TV | 2015-2018 BA Film "Editing Picture & Sound" at ifs | 2016-2018 Freelance work in Germany and abroad for image-, event- and music video projects

Further Projects

Editing and Sound Design

Zombie Apokalypse

2017 | Music Video | 4 min.

Making decisions and questioning them is something you first have to learn. That's true not only for filmmaking, but for life as a whole. From the first spark of an idea to the first rough cut to the first performance, this thought is always present. When I look back on the last few years, I realize that many of my views, motivations and beliefs have changed. Or rather, that the films I've been involved in and the decisions I've had to make in the editing process have changed me. Because films accompany your entire life, they create memory and connection. The magic of film is change. It's our job as filmmakers to learn to love the hard choices and the doubts, to allow change and give the viewer a new perspective on themselves and on life.

Vlad Litvak

Alumnus & Editor

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