Still »Wissen, wann es Zeit ist zu gehen«
© Alessandra Albano

Awarded @ TakeOne Festival in Innsbruck

ifs film wins award for best short film

The ifs film »Wissen, wann es Zeit ist zu gehen« from the 3rd semester won the prize for Best Short Film »Perspectives« at its premiere at the TakeOne Festival in Innsbruck.
The festival is organised by the Medienkolleg Innsbruck. The prize is endowed with 500 euros.
About the short film: After Toni and Ben take a liking to each other during a night at the club, Ben drives Toni to her parents' house the next morning, where she is supposed to help prepare a funeral service. Due to a (favorable) misunderstanding, she introduces Ben there as her new boyfriend - with unexpected consequences ...
Congratulations to the team!