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European Showrunner Think Tank at Netherlands Film Festival
© Lars Lensink

European Showrunner 2023: Think Tank IV

»Showrunning in Europe: Who Runs the Show?«

The fourth edition of the European Showrunner Think Tank took place during the Nederlands Film Festival Conference.

THINK TANK IV | »Showrunning in Europe: Who Runs the Show?«

September 23 from 2:30 - 3:45 pm (CEST)
Part of the Nederlands Film Festival Conference, Utrecht

This edition focused on writer and showrunner Jeppe Gjervig Gram (»Borgen«, »Follow the Money«). In an exclusive interview, Jeppe shared insights into his personal approach to showrunning and how it was influenced by the Danish showrunning model. In the second part of that on-site session in Utrecht, showrunners Sanne Nuyens (»Hotel Beau Sejour«) and Pieter Bart Korhuis (»Dirty Lines«), joined him for a panel discussion chaired by Dutch writer and actor Lemba de Miranda. Together, they dived once more into the US showrunner model and investigated how this model had been adjusted to the European series market in recent years, and what was needed to establish a truly European showrunner model in the then-present climate.


Jeppe Gjervig Gram (writer, showrunner, »Borgen«, »Follow the Money«, Denmark)
Sanne Nuyens (writer, showrunner, »Hotel Beau Sejour«, Belgium)
Pieter Bart Korthuis (writer, showrunner, »Dirty Lines«, Netherlands)


Lemba de Miranda (writer and actress, Netherlands)