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European Showrunner Think Tank V: »Adapting the Showrunner Model to a Project’s Needs«
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European Showrunner 2023: Think Tank V

»Adapting the Showrunner Model to a Project's Needs«

The fifth edition of the European Showrunner Think Tank took place during the Film Festival Cologne.

THINK TANK V | »Adapting the Showrunner Model to a Project's Needs«
October 20 from 11:15 am - 12:00 pm (CEST)
Part of the European Series Day at Film Festival Cologne

During the panel, showrunner Marianne Wendt, SRF Head of Series Bettina Alber, and producer Benedikt Böllhoff explored the absence of a one-size-fits-all showrunner model in the European entertainment landscape and the necessity for adaptation on a project-by-project basis.
Based on their latest projects »Neumatt (New Heights)«, and »Wer Wir Sind«, they offered invaluable insights into their collaboration highlighting the distinct approaches required to run each production successfully and how their collective efforts contributed to the success of these compelling shows.
The focus of the panel was to give examples on how to tailor the showrunner model to suit the unique requirements of different series, finding answers to questions such as how to decide on a showrunning model, how to effectively communicate it, and ensuring seamless collaboration between all stakeholders.


Marianne Wendt | writer, showrunner »Wer Wir Sind«, »Neumatt (New Heights)«, Germany
Bettina Alber | Head of Series at SRF Swiss Radio and Television, Switzerland
Benedikt Böllhoff | Producer at VIAFILM, Germany


Marike Muselaers | Head of International Financing & Coproductions at Nordisk Film Production, Sweden