© Dominik Grobien


David has glass bones and longs for the great love. When she finally finds him, his health suddenly deteriorates dramatically and he tries to tear love out of his chest so that he can still love Marie.

As a result of his illness, David is small, fragile, and in a wheelchair. He is passionate, sensitive and sees the world through melancholy but humorous eyes. When he meets Marie from his theater class, he finds himself in what at first seems like a perfect relationship, but soon she is the only one who truly loves him. David has a feeling deep inside that his life will be shorter than anyone else's. As a result, he has a strong connection to the truth and is always a bad liar.

A follow-up appointment at the hospital is to determine if David's lung function is affected by his skeleton. The test shows that his lungs are getting weak. David can't stand to stay with Marie and realize how his waning life could harm her, too - and ends the relationship. Marie is unaware of David's deteriorating health and no longer understands him. Little by little, David pushes away all his loved ones around him, including his closest friend Miran, who has been with him all along his journey. He is now all alone.

When he breaks his bones in an accident, David is in danger of missing the premiere. Only at the last minute does he make it - and can finally reveal the truth.