Application Procedure

The Master's programme 3D Animation for Film & Games admits new students every year in the winter semester. Admission is based on a two-step process. The next application phase starts in January 2025, application deadline will be 31 March 2025.

The two-stage application process consists of:
- an application with subject-specific application tasks
- an on-site interview or, alternatively, in the form of a video interview in the case of a very long journey from abroad or for other understandable reasons. Only those applicants who have demonstrated their basic suitability in the first step will be invited to this interview.


First higher education degree (e.g. Bachelor, Diploma) in Film, Games, Design, Architecture or equivalent

12 months of relevant working experience in the media and creative industries

Information on uni-assist for international students

International applicants have to validate their formal entrance qualification to the MA 3D Animation for Film & Games through uni-assist in a separate process. uni-assist will forward the results of their examination to CGL and ifs directly.

As the processing time amounts to about four weeks, applicants are highly encouraged to hand in their certificates to uni-assist before the official application deadline of the program. Without a positive evaluation by uni-assist, applicants cannot be admitted to the MA programme.

Uni-assist has to be provided with the following documents. If these documents are not in German or English, they have to be translated by a state-certified translator:

  • Uni-assist application form
  • Digital copy of your secondary-school diploma and – if applicable – your university entrance exam from your home country
  • Digital copies of all passed university examinations and/or your university diploma from your home country
  • If you have graduated from a Studienkolleg: officially certified copy of you university entrance examination (Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis)
  • Applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam: original copy of your APS certificate
  • Resumé
  • Passport photo
  • Copy of your passport pages containing personal information
  • Proof of payment of the processing fee to uni-assist
  • If you have had your name changed: copy of the relevant document; e.g. marriage certificate

Further information can be found here:

To obtain a residence permit, international students have to demonstrate sufficient funds to secure their livelihood. The amount required is equivalent to the BaföG (Federal Education and Trainings Assistance Act for university students) maximum rate of € 861 per month.

Citizens of member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA) – that is Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – as well as Switzerland have equal legal status on the labor market as German citizens. This means that they have the same access to the labor market as German students and are permitted to work as much as they would like to without having to obtain prior approval of German authorities. Students are advised, however, not to work longer than 20 hours a week, as you would have to pay social insurance contributions should you exceed this number of hours.

International students from countries which are NOT member states of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland are normally permitted to work 120 to 140 full days or 240 to 280 half days (or 20 hours/week) per year if they are in possession of a valid residence permit for Germany. The immigration office will record these provisions in your residence permit. Should you wish to work more days per year, you will need to obtain approval from your immigration office and the German Federal Employment Agency.

Tasks and Examination

General Information

You can apply via the Cologne Game Lab application portal during the application phase. The next application phase starts in January 2025, application deadline will be 31 March 2025.

You will then find the link to the Cologne Game Lab application portal below.

After all applications have been screened, the interviews take place sometime in May or June, so that a start of studies in September is possible.

Study Fees & Financing

Study Fees

The tuition fees for the MA 3D Animation for Film & Games are 1,500 euros for EU students and 2,500 euros for non-EU students per semester. This includes a 250 euro contribution to the ifs support association.

The ifs is a cooperation partner of the TH Köln and all ifs students are enrolled at the TH Köln.


Any further questions? We will be happy to help!

Dr. Laura Frings

Programme Managerin MA 3D Animation for Film & Games am Cologne Game Lab

0221 82754296