Christian Godau

Christian Godau

BA Film | Director of Photography


DoP (a. o. HORST)



CHRISTIAN GODAU born 1982 in Switzerland | 2003 A-levels | After first film experiments on mini-DV several internships in film and theater | Traveled a lot | 2005-2010 Bachelor studies in Film and Communication Sciences in Amsterdam | 2011-2015 Assistant Producer at Markenfilm Hamburg, many commercials around the globe | Made his own short films on the side | 2015-2018 BA Film "Director of Photography" at ifs

Further Projects



2017 | Short Film | 4 min.

Notizen des alltäglichen

2017 | Feature Film | 13 min.


2017 | Short Film | 6 min.

Might Makes Right

2016 | Feature Film | 5 min.


2016 | Feature Film | 8 min.


2014 | Feature Film | 10 min.

Circut Diagram - Motown

2013 | Music Video | 5 min.

›We have to articulate ourselves, otherwise we would be cows in the field.‹ (Werner Herzog) People can express themselves creatively in many ways. My approach to personal expression is the images I create. No two DoP's light and frame in exactly the same way. This individually human moment fascinates me. To guide the viewer's eye, to create atmosphere with light and color, I see as my privilege and responsibility. To create emotional relevance and depth in a sequence of moving images, to play with what the camera shows and what it deliberately leaves out, is always a complex decision that I enjoy. My quality standards include aesthetics as well as efficient work. Personally, I like the controlled moving camera, but my style does not follow rigid or repetitive paths, but rather a constant flow - always depending on the content of the project at hand. Anything else would be boring, if not negligent.

Christian Godau

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