Patrick Hanemann

Patrick Hanemann

BA Film | Editing Picture & Sound


Editing and Sound Design (a. o. THE STRAY)



PATRICK HANEMANN born 1994 in Karlsruhe | 2015 Various year-long internships as a videographer, photographer and primarily as an editor on videos for various popular YouTubers | Short in 3D visualization with Michael Feuerroth | Publication of these YouTube videos in media such as VICE and Neo Magazin Royal | Separation from YouTube to devote himself to film | 2016 Technical baccalaureate in media design | 2017-2021 BA Film "Editing Picture & Sound" at ifs

Filmography (Selection)

ifs Projects


2020 | Music Video | 4 min.

2019 | Feature Film | 6 min.

Sound Editor

2019 | Feature Film | 15 min.

Directing & Screenwriting & Editing & Sound Design

2017 | Short Film | 2 min.

If only you could record your dreams and show them to others - how cool that would be!" you say to yourself as a child. Unfortunately, I'm not a good painter, so "showing" is not. How do I express myself instead? As an editor, you can write stories with pictures and sounds. You'd like to have more letters and sounds at your disposal sometimes, but then you rearrange your sentence a bit and shorten a little here and a little there - and poof! you've invented your own language. "Let's watch a movie together" sounds good. "Let's make a movie together" sounds exciting. That's where you grow together and learn from each other. That's what I'd like to keep doing, taking people to another world when they see our film. Maybe showing dreams will become something after all.

Patrick Hanemann

Alumnus & Editor

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