Foto Prof. Peter Herrmann

Prof. Peter Herrmann

Professor Creative Producing


Produzent a.o. NIRGENDWO IN AFRIKA (u.a. Oscar® – Bester fremdsprachiger Film, Deutscher Filmpreis – Bester Spielfilm), DIE WÜSTENBLUME (Bayerischer Filmpreis)

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Studied ethnology in Munich, followed by documentary film director and producer. The first feature film as executive producer is DER TOTMACHER (Director: Romuald Karmakar), which was awarded the German Film Prize for Best Director and Best Film. Numerous productions followed, including Roland Suso Richter’s EINE HANDVOLL GRAS, which won the children’s film section in Cannes in 2001, Jan Schütte’s FETTE WELT and the award-winning TV two-parter DIE BUBI SCHOLZ STORY. With Caroline Link and her joint film NIRGENDWO IN AFRIKA, he won the German Film Award in several categories and numerous awards at international festivals in 2003 as well as the Oscar ® for Best Foreign Language Film. Many of his films are set in different parts of Africa, including WÜSTENBLUME (directed by Sherry Hormann) and EXIT MARRAKECH (directed by Caroline Link). WÜSTENBLUME was not only a great success at German box offices, but also sold very well internationally and won several prizes. Peter Herrmann was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of German Films from 2015 – 2021, the official export and promotion organization of the German film industry, and is a member of the Awards Committee of the Filmförderanstalt Berlin.


as Producer

2013  Exit Marrakech

 2012  Anleitung zum Unglücklichsein

2009  Wüstenblume

Bayerischer Filmpreis – Produzent 

2003  Hip Hop: A Tale from the Hood

2002  Der Felsen

2001  Nirgendwo in AfrikA

Bayerischer Filmpreis – Produzent, Deutscher Filmpreis – Bester Spielfilm, Oscar® – Bester fremdsprachiger Film

2000  Eine Handvoll Gras

1998  Die Bubi Scholz Story

1998  Fette Welt

1995  Der Totmacher

1994  Tatort – Klassen-Kampf

1994  Tatort – Perfect Mind: Im Labyrinth

1994  Polizeiruf 110 – Gespenster

1989  Gin für die Götter

»In recent years, German film has enjoyed an excellent reputation abroad. More than 100 million people worldwide view our films in cinemas, on TV and in the web every year. Surprising as that may seem, one thing is certain, the impact and significance of international audiences will continue to grow in the future. Producing today is much more than developing materials, inspiring people for them, and bringing them to life. Above all, it means extending our vision to the horizon and beyond.«

Peter Herrmann

Professor Creative Producing