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Dirty Pool

A screwball gangster comedy from the Ruhr area, between rockers and clans, boomers and millennials.

Wolfgang, called Wolle, has his zenith behind him along with the Ruhrpott. He runs a moderately successful drinking establishment in Wattenscheid and lives in a mobile home. He's permanently clean, single, has a back and bad knees, likes to drink beer, loves rock music and plays the guitar quite passably. He should probably be diagnosed with depression. From time to time, he lets himself be used by a petty criminal acquaintance for odd jobs that are as crooked as they are poorly paid.

When another one of them comes up - the delivery of a handful of counterfeit designer handbags - he is supposed to take Hassan, the seemingly simple-minded and cocky 18-year-old nephew of a new business partner from the clan milieu, with him on the job as an "intern. What Wolle doesn't know is that Hassan himself has a hard time in his circles as a rather nervous junior gangster plagued by panic attacks.

The two partners, as unequal as they are involuntary, set off on a road trip through the Ruhr region in Wolle's old Volvo. Alongside constant arguments about the musical superiority of Stevie Ray Vaughan or Kollegah, the concept of work-life balance and cryptocurrencies as nonsense or the future of the gangster business, a chain of sometimes leaden events breaks out that makes it clear to both of them that they have been screwed by their bosses. And that forces them to save each other's skins more than once and to grow beyond their superficial prejudices towards each other.