Still »El Martir«

El Mártir (The Martyr)

In the summer heat of a small Andalusian village, a young man explores his sexuality through the half-naked figure of Jesus Christ. Elías not only feels aroused by the images of Jesus and the martyrs, he wants to be like them. In order to get closer to God, he begins to develop a masochistic tendency that increases exponentially over time. In a fleeting moment of madness, he reveals his secret to Habib, the young man he likes. As he involves Habib in his exploration of pain and pleasure, Elías soon realizes that Habib cannot provide him with what he needs. In order to receive the heavenly love of God, he must make true physical sacrifices.

Festivals & Awards

- FIRST STEPS Award 2023 | nominated in the category Medium Length Feature Film
- FIRST STEPS Award 2023 | DoP Zoé Dumas nominated for the Michael-Ballhaus-Preis
SHORTS – Trinationales Filmfestival der Hochschule Offenburg | awarded in the category Bester Mittellangfilm


Rafa Sambruno
Junior Mbengani
Ana Ruíz
Lena Rodríguez
Elena Pla Hidalgo
Antonio Delosantos
Alberto López Ballesteros
Adrián López
Marisa Refoyo
Javier Pérez

Still »El Martir«
© Zoe Dumas
Still »El Martir«
© Zoe Dumas
Still »El Martir«
© Zoe Dumas