Gemeinschaftsprojekt MA SST JHG E

The Inn Between

State: series bible (in English and a German), draft scripts for episodes 1-5


It’s the last hotel you’ll ever need.


Celia (25) lives on a peculiar island in the afterlife where she, along with her parents and two siblings, runs a quaint and cosy hotel – The Inn Between.
The Inn looks after souls of the recently departed, providing temporary shelter and comfort before they make their final journeys to the Great Beyond. In her parents’ eyes, Celia can do no wrong. She’s kind, efficient and excellent with the guests. She was born on the island and never left it – or wanted to. She’s perfectly content with her routine, her sweet but dull boyfriend, and her queen bee status at the Inn. But all that’s about to change. When Celia discovers a way to travel to the forbidden Land of the Living, she experiences adventures (big and small) as well as complex, intense feelings she never knew existed. Celia's awakening affects her entire family. She spars with her rebellious sister Bunny, awakens the ambition in her insecure brother Farkus, and even shakes up her parents' marriage – causing the sense of safety they have built around the Inn to crumble. What Celia doesn’t realise is her actions will have serious consequences: dark secrets from the past are revealed, the existence of the Inn itself becomes threatened, and her parents might even have to pay the ultimate price. Can Celia find a way to balance family and freedom – and fix the chaos she’s created?
»The Inn-Between« is an optimistic and playful fantasy comedy drama about experimenting, taking responsibility and daring to live your best life.