Symptom Mensch

Symptom Human

A psychotherapist defies the rules of her world and treats a traumatized robot.

The city of Bad Siemens is a paradise for robots, who are allowed to live there side by side with humans and enjoy the same rights as their creators. But appearances are deceptive: beneath the wholesome surface, the city is a slave state that only lulls the machines into believing they are free.
Misty Dellinger (24) is a pseudo-psychotherapist for robots whose job is to report defective machines so that they can be scrapped and replaced. She doesn't have a guilty conscience about it: Robots don't have to feel, they have to function. They come to her complaining, "I have too much pressure!" Too much pressure? Then let off steam! Literally. Use your valves!
When her father Nemo (46) breaks a strict law and hides a defective robot at his place, Misty is torn between duty and family. To save her father, she decides to repair the robot Cortex. She quickly realizes, albeit reluctantly, that Cortex has no technical defect. His nerves of steel are not cracked. What ails him is trauma, a repressed dark memory. For the first time, Misty is really doing her job, giving therapy to a machine. Together they dig into Cortex's memories, searching for the trigger of his defect. He trembles, she takes his hand. And that's when it happens: a spark jumps to her. Not just electrically. Inwardly. Misty finally decodes the repressed memory: and sees herself. Cortex has allowed his robot childhood sweetheart to be given a human shell. She became Misty. Misty is thus what she detests most: she is a machine. She is an experiment of her "father", the real mastermind behind the tyranny of the city. His goal: to create the perfect slave. At night she lies awake and feels the machinery inside her. The steady ticking. The squeaking of the pistons. The whirring of its energy core. Can she go on living like this?  She faces her "father," a gush of hot steam hovering between them. If she wants to reach him, she must give up the last part of her humanity: her shell. A glowing Misty rises from the smoke, Misty as machine. She stretches out her arms to him. The creator burns in the embrace of his own creation.


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