Maximilian Stolz

Maximilian Stolz

BA Film | Screenwriting





MAXIMILIAN STOLZ born in 2000, grew up in Niederkassel. With the first flash of a lightsaber at a young age, he was hooked. From then on, "Making movies!" was the goal. After graduating from school in 2018, he put these ambitions into action for the first time with friends and produced, wrote and directed his own short film. Due to a lack of personnel, he even played one of the main roles and subsequently vowed never to do that again. The resolution lasted until there was another staff shortage.
From 2019 to 2023, he completed his screenwriting studies at the ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln and meanwhile tried his hand at countless genres in just as many formats. From scripts for feature and short films, as well as series pilots, to audio books and plays, everything was there. Whether espionage, comedy, adventure, sports, war, science fiction, fantasy, horror or western, at its core each of his stories tells a character drama whose protagonist:s are pushed to their limits, grow from them or fail.
He burns for historical material, because nothing is more absurd, more implausible and thus more exciting than reality.

Further Projects

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Nur eine Idee

2022 | Short Film | 13 min.

Showcase ifs films and screenplays

Introduced: Maximilian Stolz

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