Lange nicht gesehen
© Kim Hausner

Long Time No See

Silvia (55) returns to her office job at a pharmaceutical company after a long illness. While she is happy to see her colleagues again, she discovers that her log-in no longer works – Silvia is no longer in the system. In her search for access and meaningful employment, Silvia is sent from place to place and confronted with measures taken by the company to modernize and increase efficiency. Between uselessness and boredom, she finally makes a decision.

- PÖFF SHORTS Black Nights Film Festival Tallinn 2023 


Ruzica Hajdari
Anja Stange
Paula Essam
Elif Kardesseven
Isabella Nagy
Stefan Lampadius
Ernesto Ojeda Sosa
Merle Wasmuth
Johny Mathew
Denis Wiencke
Lukas Wensing
Naomi Thoß
Janine Schnabel
Petra Rösch

© Kim Sophie Hausner
© Kim Sophie Hausner
© Kim Sophie Hausner
© Kim Sophie Hausner