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The Pigeons

State: story bible, outlines for episodes 1-4


Let the pecking begin!


Nicole (50) has worked her entire life to build a successful board game company from scratch. She’s independent, tough and has the world at her feet. Until she finds out she’s terminally ill. For the first time, she’s in a situation she can’t buy, reason, or play her way out of. Shocked, Nicole focuses on her beloved business. What will happen to it? Is there anyone she can trust with her legacy? Her parents are dead. Her sister and brother-in-law are troublemakers. There must be someone out there …
When Nicole was starting out, she couldn’t raise funds to get her company off the ground — so she sold her egg cells on the black market. Nicole tasks her loyal assistant Jascha with finding her biological offspring so she can decide if one is worthy of inheriting her empire. Nicole is soon sitting across from her five “children” — praying they’re not as hopeless as they look. She calls them “The Pigeons” because they’re messy, invasive and immediately make themselves at home. To test them, Nicole sets tasks based on struggles she overcame on her way to the top.
As the new “family” bond and compete for Nicole’s approval, chaos is unleashed. Moreover, time is ticking because Nicole’s health could deteriorate at any moment. In the end, Nicole chooses her favourite — only to be betrayed. And everything is turned upside down when it’s revealed that Jascha has concealed a sixth Pigeon …
»The Pigeons« is a darkly absurd comedy drama exploring mortality, family, and legacy.



Hayley Goggin