Nick Schuck

Nick Julius Schuck

BA Film | Creative Producing



NICK JULIUS SCHUCK born in 2001 and raised in Cologne, he made his first short films at a young age. In 2008 he took part in a professional television production for the first time. Starting as an extra on "Ladykracher", he worked as an actor in the following years alongside school and took part in numerous film and TV productions, such as a leading role in "Club der roten Bänder". At school, he performed with his theater class at various theater festivals. In 2019, he then finished school with the Abitur. This was followed by internship experiences for him in various film productions, which allowed him to experience extensive insights behind the scenes of film. Through this, he developed an interest in producing films, which is why he applied to ifs.  Since 2021 studying Creative Producing at the ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln.