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Eureka Series 2022
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Eureka Series 2022: Application phase is closed

12 participants were selected

The Eureka Continuing Education Series enters the second round. The application phase is over and 12 European participants have been selected:

Ahmadzadeh Nathalie (Sweden/Iranian)
Ambel Meyer Marta (Spain/France)
Berfin Altinisik Melek (Turkey)
Furfari Michele (Italy)
Grytsenko Oksana (Ukraine)
Koum Victoria (France)
Musacchio Gaia Marianna (Italy)
Notaro Tania (Ireland)
Pochoy Jean-Loup (France)
Toujas Vincent (France)
Trémolières Lucie (France)
Yoldi Amaia (Spain)

Eureka Series is a 10-week intensive course for aspiring screenwriters and producers of television series from all over Europe. It is run in partnership with La Fémis and is an initiative of the Series Mania Institute.