Foto Prof. Björn Bartholdy
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Björn Bartholdy

Professur Media Design


Mitbegründer des Cologne Game Lab der TH Köln, Project Lead Virtual Bauhaus, Goethestrasse 56, Games Technology Network

+49 221 8275 – 3236


As a visual designer, Björn Bartholdy focuses on graphic design, UI & UX, motion graphics, and 2D animation. Together with Gundolf S. Freyermuth, he conceived the Cologne Game Lab as a creative space around the topic of digital games with the aim of establishing one of the leading research institutions in this field for Europe.

Research Statement: “My main interest is the research and development of aesthetically sophisticated immersive worlds of experience. The transformation of traditional design principles into freely navigable three-dimensional spaces, as well as experimentation with new forms of visual and auditory implementation, are important impulses for the definition of a field that is currently emerging in a completely new form. The resulting applications range from educational contexts (schools, museums, etc.) to technical simulations (digital prototyping, architecture, products, etc.) and use in digital games.”