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Markus Santner


Experience Designer


Markus is a passionate (user) experience designer from Austria with an eye for aesthetics. He believes in clean design that combines purpose and innovation. He operates at the crossroads of design, business, and technology, creating compelling and meaningful experiences. He always puts the users in focus; empathizing with them, understanding their needs, and solving their problems. Important superpowers of a UX designer. In his opinion, (UX) designers have the power to change the world.His 10+ years of work experience as UI/UX designer include working for international companies offering digital solutions for procurement from source to pay; business process management, enterprise architecture management; customer relationship management; and the healthcare business. Markus holds a BA in Information Design, an MSc in Interactive Media Management, and an MA in Digital Narratives. In addition, he is a Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Engineering.And he likes coffee. And alternate reality experiences.