Sajjad Student MA 3D Animation

Mohammad Sajjad Lotfi

MA 3D Animation for Film & Games



Mohammad Sajjad was born in Tehran, Iran in 1993. Since childhood, he has always been keen on illustration, and ever since, he has realized how powerful it is in creating an ideal world and, more importantly, how effective it is in communicating such a world. Thanks to the swift progress of his Bachelor's in architecture from IKIU, Qazvin, Iran, he developed a keen interest in identifying architectural elements, such as forms, lighting, and textures and their interconnections, and leveraging them to create atmospheres carrying different sensations. His interest was accompanied by tools and methods of modeling, rendering, and illustration, such as Autodesk 3Ds Max, Vray, and Adobe Photoshop. Since his graduation, he has engaged in various jobs both as an Architect and 3D Artist. He believes that the program in 3D Animation for Film & Games at CGL and ifs would contribute to much of the advancement in his career and provide him with the chance to have a deep dive into the world of animation.


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