Muhammad Noor ul Muntaha Khan

Noor ul Muntaha Khan

MA 3D Animation for Film & Games



NOOR UL MUNTAHA KHAN From childhood, spellbound by the allure of cinema and video games, Noor ul Muntaha's enduring passion for visual storytelling has guided his journey. With eight years of dedicated experience in the filmmaking industry, including four-year degree in Film and TV from the National College of Arts in Lahore, Noor brings a wealth of expertise to the field.
Having graduated in 2020, Noor embarked on a successful career, working on multiple short films, documentaries, music videos and commercial work with few being showcased and wining multiple awards at prestigious film festivals, His expertise extends from pre production to post-production, with a keen focus on VFX compositing and visual effects, seamlessly connecting traditional filmmaking with the dynamic realm of CGI.
Now, at IFS and CGL, he seeks to deepen his knowledge of 3D animation, driven by a profound love and unwavering dedication to the visual arts, Noor aspires to gain recognition as a VFX Supervisor, ready to make significant contributions to large-scale animation ventures. His journey showcases adaptability and a relentless commitment across diverse professional domains.