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Pablo Perafan

MA Serial Storytelling



PABLO PERAFAN spent his childhood between Colombia and the US, earning a BA in Film and Digital Communication in 2018. His passion for film led him to travel to other countries as a nomad in search of new opportunities, eventually specializing in post-production, where he worked as a freelancer for some time. The spectacular failure of his first production company led him to pursue his passion for writing and continue to roam the world in search of more stories. Pablo is currently developing a horror film to be shot in Colombia in the spring of 2022.

Words are powerful to the mind, which can evoke from them a shimmering recollection of cherished stored images. I write because visual stories are the most visceral way I can connect with my imagination and share it with the world. And hey, if I’m going to devote my life to it, I might as well try to do it for a living.

Pablo Perafan

Alumnus MA Serial Storytelling

Pablo Perafan - Graduate 2021 MA Serial Storytelling