Pedro Lopes
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Pedro Lopes

European Showrunner Programme


Scriptwriter and Content Director | »GLÓRIA«, »O CÓDEX 632«


Pedro Lopes was born and raised in Portugal. He started as a screenwriter and currently is Content Director at SP Televisão and SPi. He has written for film and television and is the author to over twenty titles among shorts, feature films, telenovelas, mini-series, and series. In 2011, he won the Jury’s Award at the International Festival of Detective Films and Television Programs for his series »Cidade Despida« and an International Emmy Award for Best Telenovela for »Laços de Sangue«. In 2016 he won the Gold Medal at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards with »Coração D’Ouro«. In 2020, Netflix announced »Glória«, its first Portuguese original series, created and written by Pedro Lopes.

Nationality: Portuguese
Residence: Lisbon, Portugal
Writing Language(s): Portuguese
Specialities: Drama, Thriller


»O códex 632« | 2022

Series | Portugal/Brasil | Creator and Showrunner 

»glória« | 2020-2021

Series | Portugal| Creator and Showrunner

»conta-me como foi« | 2019

Series | Portugal| Head Writer

»c0rção d'ouro« | 2015-2016

Series | Portugal| Creator and Head Writer

»Laços de Sangue« | 2011

Series | Portugal| Creator and Head Writer

Know how to listen to everyone, but, at the same time, be able to make decisions on my own.

Pedro Lopes