Ricardo Ortega Clavel

Ricardo Ortega Clavel

MA Serial Storytelling

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Ricardo Ortega Clavel is a born storyteller. From an early age, he was fascinated by the power of imagination. Through reading, he found there is an infi nite number of realities to discover. Through writing, he realized his potential as a creator of these realities. Since then, he has used this tool to invent worlds made up of both personal experiences and pure inspiration. Ricardo graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor in Communication, and since then has been working in the film and advertising industry as a script consultant, editor, and assistant producer.

Most of my writing is an attempt to answer a question that has intrigued me for most of my life: How does our past shape our relationships with the ubiquitous Other? Outdated coping mechanisms will get in the way of new experiences. When they do: Will we resume our old behaviors or will we open up in an attempt to bond?

Ricardo Ortega Clavel

Alumnus MA Serial Storytelling

Ricardo Ortega Clavel - Graduate 2021 MA Serial Storytelling

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