Savish Uttam

Savish Uttam

MA 3D Animation for Film & Games



Savish Uttam is a self-taught 3D Artist/Graphic Designer from India. He started using the computer at a very young age and made his first working website in his 6th standard. To enhance the look he started learning Adobe Photoshop and since then his career as a designer really started. He began learning 3D when he entered college and decided to pursue his career in it. He has a good grip on Texturing & Lighting and wants to enhance his animation skills further. That’s why he chose this course so that he can get a head start.

Savish has been working as a freelancer for a long time. During his internship as a graphic designer, he designed for many big clients. He was also working remotely as a part-time 3D artist for a Malaysian based 3D collectable company and a full-time texturing artist at a startup gaming studio.




Breakdown, VFX & 3D Animation


2019 | Kurzfilm | 1:10 Min.

Showcase ifs-Filme