Foto Sunedria Nicholls-Gärtner

Su Nicholls-Gärtner


ifs-Studienleiterin, Editorin


Su started her career on international film sets in Vancouver, Canada then moved to Germany in 1993. Here she became an editor for film and television for a number of years before turning to further education. She has taught at the RTL School for Journalism and the ifs, international film school of Cologne. In 2001 she took on the role of Head of Department for Post Production at the ifs. In July 2012 she took over the position of Head of Studies which included the accreditation and supervision of all M.A. and B.A. programs at the ifs. Since 2018 she is an active member of the Standing Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (SCEDI) for the global association of film schools known as CILECT  ( In 2021 she completed her MA in Leadership degree at Royal Roads University in Canada.