Sylvain Caron
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Sylvain Caron

European Showrunner Programme


Writer, Producer | »THE CAGE«, »BALTHAZAR«


Sylvain was born and raised in a small village lost in the endless wheat fields of the French countryside. He trained as a physicist, worked as a management consultant, but the urge to tell stories was too strong: he switched careers and became a screenwriter. After a training at La Fémis in series writing, he worked on the French hit show »Balthazar« as an episode writer. In the past two years he created 3 shows, on which he was also the headwriter: »Lost River« (6x52’ limited series, drama/investigation, shooting May 2023), »The Cage« (5x45’ recurring series, drama/sport, shooting June 2023), Camilla Lackberg’s novels adaptation (6x52’ recurring series, drama/investigation, shooting September 2023).

Nationality:  French
Residence:  France
Writing Languages:  French, English
Specialties: Drama/family, cop/thriller, action/adventure, policitical/business


»The Cage« | 2023

Serie | Frankreich | Creator, Head Writer

»Lost River« | 2023

Serie | Frankreich | Creator, Co-Head Writer

Camilla Lackberg’s novels adaptation | 2023

Serie | Frankreich | Creator, Head Writer

»Balthazar« | 2019 - 2021

Serie | Frankreich | Episode writer

»Meaning and entertainment: there lies our challenge. Fortunately, we are not alone in this pursuit.«

Sylvain Caron