Apex Mind

Apex Mind

Still not sure? Let us change your mind.

A lonely neuro-engineer has to uncover and sabotage her mother‘s deadly plot to let a collective consciousness take over the minds of the population.

2022: Amara (25) believes love solves everything. While caring for her daughter Matilda (5), she is working as a salaried scientist in a clinic that uses neural interfaces to help patients with locked-in syndrome. To help a young, troubled patient communicate better, Amara launches an experiment which goes horribly wrong. Her experiment fuses the minds of the patients, creating one shared consciousness. One being inhibiting multiple bodies. A hive mind. She tries to understand it and slowly realizes that it is deeply disturbed. It strives for power, no matter what.
2047: Twenty-five years after the disappearance of her mother, Matilda (30) has become a gifted neuro-engineer. She is lonely, but in her eyes, our need for connection can be fulfilled just by programming – a line of code that can be exploited. She will not allow herself to be vulnerable like that. Neural interfaces have replaced cell phones and represent ahighly addictive technology. Matilda has built (programmed, designed, engeneered?) the best of them. She is about to release it to the world when her mother Amara reappears, buying the whole company in a hostile takeover and becoming her new boss. At first, it seems as if her mother hasn’t changed at all, but Matilda is convinced that something is wrong with her. When she dreams of being killed by a former colleague of Amara, she believes she has witnessed a murder via her neural interface. She suspects her mother’s involvement and secretly investigates her mother’s past. When personalities of people close to her start to change, Matilda uncovers disturbing parallels between Amara’s experiments and the effect which her own neural interface has on early adopters. The more Matilda finds out, the deeper she becomes embroiled in a deadly conspiracy. A conspiracy that began in her childhood and is about to replace humanity with a more advanced life form: the hive mind created by her mother. To stop it, Matilda must not only piece together the puzzle of her own past, but also constantly sabotage her mother’s operation, never knowing who to trust.
APEX MIND is a complex, horizontal series with two time strands. It is inspired by the neuro-technology that already exists, and by the scientific believe that such neuro-techonologies will be implemented in the near future. As neuroscience is highly cooperative across Europe and one part of the series takes place in a small industrial city that could be set anywhere in Europe, it is suitable for a European coproduction. APEX MIND is the logical consequence of the direction in which social media is moving. Technological progress is a ticking clock that puts the weight of existential threats on intimate questions: How vulnerable does our need for connection make us, as a society and as a family? Can we balance responsibility, for ourselves and for others?


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