Ilaria Fravolini

The Art of Dying

Death was never the issue.

A social misfit struggling with mental health meets a mysterious genie in his dreams who offers their magic to escape life’s hardships.


An adult animated miniseries about the misfit Jung-su (37): a talented writer without a stable job and struggling with anxiety and depression. He wants to function in society but can’t because of his financial and mental instability.

Then two extraordinary things happen. First, he finally gets a job. Second, in a dream Jung-su meets The Mother of All Mothers, a magic creature who offers Jung-su the possibility to begin a 5-step journey of self-improvement while he is dreaming. Jung-su accepts, hoping that The Mother’s mentoring will help him to get through the probation period at his new job and navigate through the tides of life.

However, Jung-su’s dreams start to mingle with reality, his journey affects his work and clashes with his relationships: girlfriend, best friend, parents, therapist – everyone has a different opinion about how Jung-su should handle his problems. Eventually, despite growing, Jung-su doesn’t pass his probation period. He begs The Mother to use their magic and remove what he thinks make his life difficult: the experience of pain. Instead of toughening him up, The Mother turns Jung-su into a jellyfish – the only being that can match his request since it can’t feel much of anything.

Jung-su abandons life as a human and reaches peace. But at what cost?

This psychological comedy drama explores what failing means in our times and raises one crucial question: Is happiness an individual task to perform or a shared responsibility between individuals and society?



Ilaria Fravolini