Five places to remember

Five Places to Remember (work in progress)

Final Project by Pedro Lacerda
Germany 2018 | 5-channel video-installation & experimental film series
Video HD 1080p / exhibition

Vision statement:
For making my films, I use the surroundings in a strong relationship with the idea of soundscape in music in order to capture abstract atmospheres that I can reveal to the audience. My actual project Five Places to Remember, portrays the urban scape of five different cities around the world — Prague, Berlin, Bogotá, Paraty and Brussels — in a five-channel video installation which will enclose the viewer in an abstract voyage inside of these cities.

Five Places to Remember is a five-channel video installation shot on location in five cities worldwide by filmmaker Pedro Lacerda. It visually and spatially transforms the electroacoustic compositions of musician Fernando Iazzetta, turning an acoustic journey through the five cities into an installation composed of five projected canvases and multi-channel audio.

The analogy between urban space and music is manifested visually, mapping musical representation under the geometric landscapes and architecture of the cities to immerse the viewer in a synesthetic experience. Five Places to Remember embodies the visuality of the music and the musicality of the city.