Foreigners filmschule köln digital narratives
© Ginna Mendoza


Final Project by Ginna Mendoza | MA Digital Narratives
Germany 2020 | Web Series / Cross-media / Dramedie

Vision Statement

Foreigners is a cross-media project consisting of a fictional web format based on real events of different characters who migrated to Europe with a strategic communication campaign. This campaign involves the creation of a facebook community where members can tell their stories and exchange information. As a reward, community members are being offered that the best stories will be compiled into a Digital book. The project also has an instagram account that is linked to the community and its contents to spread and keep active the „conversation“ about the subject.


»Foreigners« is a web series of ten episodes. Four characters who migrated from Latin America to Europe looking for a new beginning.
The series takes place mainly in Cologne where the characters cross paths, but the dramaturgy of the series develops in cities such as Munich, Varberg-Halland (Swedish village) and Bonn. Each chapter will have a central theme specific to each character’s story: Love, Gender Violence, Queer, Vocational Search, Existential Crisis, Depression and Identity Crisis.
Each one of these characters comes with an emotional baggage and different circumstances, but they have in common not only their origin and language, they also share the same social class, a discontent with their situation in their countries of origin, and therefore, the hope that in Europe everything will be better. But this change turns out to be quite a challenge, upon arrival, they realize that their status as migrants conditions them in their process of adaptation to the new environment: The language barrier, legal migratory conditions, problems with money, loneliness, the unexpected challenge of building a new identity. All of this added to their own personal conflicts, unleash a crisis, from which they will come out making use of inner strength and the resilience capacity very characteristic of a Latino. After all, we come from a region with complex realities, even in the midst of a crisis, we can still laugh and cry, almost at the same time.