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State: series concept (in English and German), outlines for episode 1-4


It’s all about the position.


Norma (38) is an ambitious member of parliament in the Bundestag of 1990s Bonn. She is an advocate of women’s rights and she feels her political goals and career are held back by the men around her. When her childhood friend-turned-prostitute, Molly (38), suddenly dies and bequeaths Norma a flat in Bonn, Norma is shocked; they haven't talked in years! Norma discovers that two young prostitutes, Stefanie (22) and Maja (16, pretends she is 19), whom Molly picked up from the streets, reside in the flat. Fearing for her reputation and political career, Norma tries to get rid of the flat and its tenants.

However, when she witnesses a male colleague asking the girls for their services, Norma uses this to blackmail him and achieve some of her political goals. As this proves successful, Norma uses prostitutes on a structural basis to increase her power over the political decision-making in Bonn. Norma puts matters such as more female shelters, the banning of marital rape and other issues on the agenda. As Norma is achieving her goals, a tenacious journalist picks up on her actions. Norma fears being exposed, which would put an end to her political career. Furthermore, due to her double life, she gets entangled in a web of bribery, nepotism, and human trafficking.

»Indoorsment« is a political period drama that touches on issues that are still pressing in the current socio-political debate. All under one question: Does the end justify the means?



Anna-Maria Böhm