habitation digital narratives

مُرتفق – HABITATION, Grief of 100 million

Final Project by Ziad Aladdin
Germany 2018 | Transmedia Web-Serie / Drama
Dedicated website – social media (facebook, Youtube, Instagram)

Vision statement:
HABITATION is a web series that follows what is happening in the Middle Eastern society’s most unspoken disease ‘depression’ between youth.to help raise more awareness.
What this project aims to tell is nothing less than what’s really happening in the Egyptian society between religious belief and cultural habits. Since the revolution, the society has changed a lot. The Egyptian society is “religious by its nature” as we say but we don’t really aim for religion that much in our actual ethics and morals as following the belief without understanding why or how. It’s just what we found our parents doing and their parents and theirs. There is a huge absence of naturalistic roles within families – government – religion and most importantly education, in almost every family as far as I know. There is no reference to our behavior anymore as it used to be before the huge incident which was the revolution that took a place in January 2011. It gave hope to a better self-respect and life. But it didn’t happen …

Did you really think killing your self is forbidden? – In this country there is every reason to suicide. Story of five Egyptian Guys started together what they called a “Support group” after an attempt to commit suicide of one of them as a try of them to realize their fears and pressures in their society. According to the suicide rising rates in the Middle East, they became more conscious about their reality and their surroundings.
The characters/storyline will be based on true real-life stories that put out in a dramatic narrative that evolves around an issue dealt by the society for every episode.

Story Context:
The web series will be based in one room (supporting group room) only. Background stories will be based outside the room through Social media platform tools.
Length/number: 12 episodes of 14 to 16 minutes
Genre: Drama

The Story world will be consisting of three parts:
– The Web-Series (Drama visual) 
– Social media content (written visual) 
– Social media interaction (written – visual)
Story world will be narrated mainly through an independent website and follows by Facebook page dedicated to it, linked with different accounts on social media (character’s fake accounts – influencer’s accounts – hashtags).