Re:set Abschlussprojekt digital narratives


Final Project by Guillaume Saindon
Germany 2018 | Theatre transmedia
Theatre, Web, Mobile, Geolocated, Social media

Vision statement:
Sergueï Krikaliev is the last Soviet citizen. In 1991, his country collapsed, and with it, its dream. The problem: Krikaliev wasn’t there to see it fall apart. He wasn’t even on earth. RE:SET is a theatre transmedia experience where participants help Serguei, the forgotten cosmonaut, come back to earth. The narrative is deployed over multiple platforms, such as a website, social media, geolocation and an immersive and interactive theatre environment.

The USSR is breaking apart. Krikaliev, a cosmonaut, is on board the MIR space station, where his motherland forgot him. In RE:SET, the man that was once the elite comes crashing down into the present.
MIR is lowering in orbit and will soon re-enter Earth’s atmosphere. Sergueï is still on board having survived all these years. The station became his home. The cosmonaut quickly understands that MIR’s crash trajectory might end in a civilized area. He must make contact with whomever will respond. Together, they must ensure that the Soviet relics’ crash leads to no casualties.
No casualties, besides himself. Sergueï is well aware that this is the end of him. He leaves multiple clues behind in hope that someone will carry out his final will: saying one last thing to his daughter.

In RE:SET, we are all cosmonauts.
Spectators are attracted through the rabbit hole by the protagonist hacking social media accounts where he distributes SOS videos. They’re redirected to a website which contains information on how to help him and communicate.
Shortly before the crash, they’re informed of the exact location. They then can investigate the site. The spectators are prepared to face high radiation levels and enter the decontamination zone.
In the zone, they wander through the remains of the space station, experiencing bits and pieces of Sergueï past. They discover the existence of his daughter. Following this moving interactive and immersive experience, their last objective is to get Sergueï’s final words to this girl.