Shadow Park

Shadow Park

»Evil runs in the Family.«

A Russian family which lives in Siberia have just inherited a Disney like amusement park in sunny California, only to find the gates of hell ajar, waiting for their arrival.


It’s 2005 and the Woland’s are a unique working family in the freezing tundra of Siberia, managing a travelling side show. One night, during a snowstorm, they run into a zombie, very similar to Ivan’s brother, Boris, who informs them of a letter that is waiting for them at the post office, then quickly melts into snow. The next day at the post office they find the letter and with the help of their youngest daughter, Ludmila, they find out they have just inherited an amusement park in Crosanti, California. Anton, the eldest son of the Wolands, hungry for success, convinces his parents that they should immediately take the opportunity to move to California.
Once in the town of Crosanti, the heat and new age life style bewilders the Wolands. The amusement park is nothing like the picture they received within the letter. A total fixer upper which will cost them a lot in repair and time. Katerina and Ivan decide to start fixing the park by cleaning up the haunted house where they find an eccentric looking box. Ivan puts it away in the trailer, but Anton finds the box and tries to open it in search of money, since he desperately wants to get to Las Vegas to have his own ventriloquist show. Anton leaves the box very close to his dummy, which suddenly pops to life and introduces itself as Chebu, promising Anton fame with their new show, Dummy’s Delight.
The ventriloquist show, as well as any food infested with his vile seed, will be Chebu’s medium for hypnotizing people and converting them into fascists. Ludmila, trying to get away from Crosanti, decides to apply for Berkeley, but her parents pressure her to stay with them. She must postpone her academic dreams and help out with the family business. Ludmila also meets Andy, who shakes her world by putting her greatest fears to test: is she able to love and let others love her?
After several town members attend the Dummy’s Delight, Crosanti gradually turns into a fascist paradise. The police shut down the show after a family sues them for traumatizing them with their gruesome spectacle. Everything is lost for the Wolands without their show, but once the entire town of Crosanti is brainwashed, it’s the town members who want the show to reopen to constantly satisfy their thirst for evil entertainment.
Slowly, Ludmila starts to notice a pattern regarding the people who visit Anton’s beloved new show, Dummy’s Delight, when her father, Ivan, and her love interest, Andy, transform into reversed versions of their former selves. By the end of the season Chebu ends up possessing Ludmila, turning her into another evil, right wing extre­mist, thirsty to destroy mankind. Katerina, with help from professor Collins and Miriam, are the only ones able to destroy him. But she must choose between destroying her beloved park or saving her daughter.


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