Before You Can Say Knife

Before You Can Say Knife

»Everything happens for a treason.«

The man was found dead the day after Rashida vanished; his identity was enigmatic as his death. TIna is determinded to unravel the dead man’s mystery, while Larence is just desperate to find his missing girlfriend. Together they go in search of the truth, unaware of the killer who is now searching for them.


The Italian Alps, a quiet paradise of mountain lakes and pine forests. On a spring morning, two hikers find the body of a man on a mountain trail.
The police are baffled by the dead man: he’s wearing a suit and has nothing on him but a bloody scarf, a parking ticket, and a few loose cigarettes. Unable to identify him and lack­ing any solid evidence, a xenophobic prosecutor arrests an innocent immigrant.
Tina may just be starting her career as a forensic scientist, but she’ll do whatever it takes to find the truth and avoid an injustice, even if that means jeopardizing her job by breaking a few rules.
What she doesn’t know is that the night before the body was found, a woman went missing. This woman is Rashida, a prominent economist who came to Italy to enjoy her vacation with her boyfriend Lawrence, an actor who’s famous (at least in America) for playing the dashing Detective Goodnight in a hit television series. But for all his talents and good looks, Lawrence is not what anyone would call smart. So when he discovers that Rashida is missing, he sets out to find her himself; after all, Detective Goodnight is the greatest detective in the world.
Their investigations lead them to the same place: the Three Peaks Hotel, where both Rashida and the dead man were last seen. This is also where Tina and Lawrence finally meet, and together, they realize that both cases are connected.
The police won’t listen to Tina and no one will listen to Lawrence, so it’s up to them to solve this mystery: find his Ra­shida before it’s too late and prevent an innocent man from being blamed.
The truth they seek is beyond anything they can imagine, and soon they start to uncover a major conspiracy. But there’s a dangerous man close on their tracks, determined to protect the truth, no matter the cost. Before the end, they will be forced to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice for the greater good.
»Before You Can Say Knife« is a crime thriller in the vein of series like »Fargo« and »True Detective«. It’s told over eight one-hour episodes, and it focuses on its characters and on how the mystery affects them and their relationships. The plot aims at being intriguing, tense and unpredictable, while still leaving space for a little bit of humor.