Daniela Frank

Daniela Frank

MA 3D Animation for Film & Games

Born in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1985, Daniela Frank grew up with a great passion for art. Already during her childhood, she was strongly influenced by comics, games and animated films, which led her to a school-leaving qualification in art. As the journey continued, she successfully studied game design and specialized in animating creatures and characters. During her studies, Daniela was a member of the team »Aesir Interactive« and their game »Acronico« was nominated for the »Newcomer Games Award« at »Deutscher Computerspielepreis« in 2010. After her Bachelor ’s degree, she worked as a graphic designer and 3D artist generalist for several gaming companies. She has also regularly participated as a volunteer for the »Indie Arena Booth« at Gamescom since 2013.

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