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Globalizing Storytelling

»Globalizing Storytelling«

Book Presentation and Discussion


Is there a global understanding of stories and storytelling? This will be discussed at an online event by ifs professor Dr. Joachim Friedmann (Serial Storytelling), film scholar Dr. Ezinne Ezepue (University of Nigeria) and Motaz Matar (Assistant Professor of Media Production and Storytelling, Zayed University Dubai and ifs alumnus).

Guests: Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedmann (ifs), Dr. Ezinne Ezepue (University of Nigeria), Motaz Matar (Zayed University Dubai)
Hosted by Lemba de Miranda (Writer & Actress)

Registration: ifs-Begegnung(at)filmschule.de

Storytelling – a buzzword not only in the media business, but also in marketing, business, politics, and even in the healing professions. What storytelling means in the first place and how stories differ across various media and contexts, this is what author and ifs professor Dr. Joachim Friedmann explains in his standard work »Storytelling – Einführung in Theorie und Praxis narrativer Gestaltung«.

On the occasion of the publication of the English translation Storytelling for Media, which makes the book accessible for an international audience, the question of a transcultural application of narrative practices arises: Is there a global understanding of stories and storytelling? Do transcultural, universal parameters for the telling of stories exist, or does storytelling differ among cultures?
The open approach of Friedmann’s publication, which understands narrative design as a modular process, is particularly viable for the discussion of such questions. This becomes evident, for example, in the fact that an Arabic-language edition by Motaz Matar, Assistant Professor of Media Production and Storytelling (Zayed University) is already in the works, which takes up examples from the Arabic storytelling tradition. Film scholar Dr. Ezinne Ezepue (University of Nigeria) also uses this basic publication to point out specifics of African Storytelling.
Hosted by writer Lemba de Miranda, Joachim Friedmann explores the possibilities and limits of globalized storytelling together with Dr. Ezinne Ezepue and Motaz Matar.

Dr. Joachim Friedmann has been Professor of Serial Storytelling at the ifs since 2017. With his textbook (UTB), the screenplay, comic and game author creates a theoretically sound as well as practically applicable toolbox for the analysis and design of narratives – for everyone who wants to understand how stories are created.

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