Alt Love Anonymous

Alt Love Anonymous

»Love as you least expected.«

A film crew follows the exploits of a support group who date ghosts, imaginary friends, bridges, and security blankets, entering their voyage of self-discovery.


Filmmaker Diana de Tula has found a real gem for her next documentary project: with her small film crew, she sets out to portray a special self-support group whose oddball members are sure to spark the voyeuristic curiosity of the audience. Her protagonists include the optimistic peace-maker Simone Xiang, the hopeless romantic Roland Ziegler, the enfant terrible Mabel Shimizu, and the shy teenager Nico Lopez. The group gathers every week to support each other in dealing with their relationship issues – which are numerous and tricky due to the unusual nature of their love-interests: »Alt-love Anonymous« is a support group for people with non-human lovers and spouses. Thus, the unique problems the group tackles include questions like how to deal with jealousy in a long term relationship with an imaginary friend, how to overcome a breakup with the Golden Gate Bridge, how to love a security blanket properly, or how to find a kindergarten for you and your ghost husband’s new baby.
To Diana, her protagonists are merely a bunch of freaks aim­ing to escape the painful realities of human relationships. As an aspiring director with an inflated sense of her own talent and success, she knows that this documentary might be her red carpet to the renowned AACTA Award.
In the eyes of the members of this quirky group, on the other hand, Diana and her crew are unfortunate »normies« – normal, humano-normative people, who are unable to realize that there are additional dimensions to life and love. Always judging, questioning, and smirking at the group members and their issues, the normies falsely believe they can only find love in another human being.
Surrounded by normie ignorance, the members of »Alt-lover Anonymous« are happy to have found each other – as well as a safe space where they feel understood and accepted. They feel strong enough to allow the film crew into their lives. In the end, they know pretty well that there is no right way to love.
Getting to know this offbeat gang of »freaks« better and better, Diana begins to realize that their relationship problems aren’t that different from everyone else’s. Gradually overcoming her feeling of superiority, she starts to empathize. And that’s when it happens: Diana is suddenly able to see (and hear) Simone’s, Roland’s, Mabel’s, and Nico’s invisible and inanimate partners!
In awe, Diana decides to join their team. Stepping in front of the camera for the first time, she comes out of the closet as a sologamist. She admits to herself and the world that, for her, self-love is the ultimate path to happiness. Excited and relieved, she announces that she is going to marry herself.
There are, of course, a number of obstacles Diana will need to tackle on her way. Meanwhile … welcome to the circle of love!


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