Still »Silence of the Fish«
© Juan Bermúdez

EL SILENCIO DE LOS PECES – The Silence of Fish

A kid is brought back to an old Colombian town to live with his grandparents. While learning to navigate his new reality, he will slowly start searching for the memories of the mother he didn’t get to know, and discover little by little the painful truth kept secret by the town.

David, an 8-year-old boy, is brought by his father to an old small town in the Antioquia region of Colombia. They come to meet the child’s grandparents from the mother’s side, two old villagers named Amanda and José. David’s father delivers him to the old couple arguing that he can no longer take care of the child as he is going to work in a mine. Before leaving, he embraces the child and tells him he loves him and he will come back for him.

The days pass slowly between checking the harvest, fishing in the reservoir, and selling their produce in the small town’s market. With the arrival of David, a new interpersonal dynamic comes into play, and the small family core will get a new breath of life given by the kid’s innocence and curiosity. Amanda is very loving to the child, whereas José is quite distant. Despite his wife's constant nagging and insistence on establishing a dialogue with the child, José sees the little boy as a constant reminder of the daughter he no longer has. The new family will have to face some old still-open wounds, with the news of a government commission coming to the region to collect testimonies about the war.

David, through his children’s gaze, turns the stories he hears around him into fantasies; like a dragon coming out of the skies, a town trapped forever underwater, or a monster living in the forest. At the same time, he embarks on the quest to find out who his mother was, while facing the hard reality surrounding him, which will lead him to discover the truth hidden behind a town carrying a history filled with violence and sorrow.