My Place, My Mokum

My Place, My Mokum

The world is their oyster, Amsterdam their pearl.

Four young people sharing a flat in Amsterdam try to figure out life and responsibilities, while understanding their university life and stepping into adulthood. All while managing their new freedom and handling their peculiarities. But to find themselves, they must first lose themselves.


Andrea, Jana, Charlotte, and Lukas, four young university students sharing a flat in Amsterdam, are full of expectations about their future and with the will to change the world. While going independent for the first time, they try to understand the world they live in, who they are, and who they want to be. They live together struggling with their differences, as they accompany and help each other in their explorations and self-discoveries.
Each of them comes from a different background, has different premises and perspectives on the world and the cultures it entails. Yet they constantly learn from each another, make each other grow, and reflect on their actions. Eventually, they become accomplices in this crazy world. What one lacks, the other compensates for, and together they manage. However, conflict is always present. Be it from inside the flat, be it from external influences. Such as Andrea’s parents coming to town and not approving of her lifestyle and friends, or when Jana can’t stay away from her co-worker, who is in a relationship. These young people have just started their adulthood and want to take advantage of everything at their disposal, experiencing all things the world, or Amsterdam, has to offer. To know the underground life of the city and the wonders that should be experienced while living in this diverse and crazy city, full of oddity, spectacles, exposures, and dangers. But the deeper some people go, the deeper their digging holes become, and eventually it’s up to them to find their way back to themselves.
Each episode deals with different forms of independence and how to manage your own freedom. Andrea will question her religious beliefs and her sexuality as she tries to understand what it really means to be herself. Jana will develop a love-hate relationship with drugs as she wonders why her heart always chooses the wrong thing. Lukas will have to rethink his actions and reflect on what type of man he wants to be and what direction he wants his life to take. And Charlotte will wonder what path to take to follow her dream, while also trying to figure out herself and her gender identity. All of this while also trying to understand the little everyday things, like figuring out taxes or how to do laundry, and learning to get by without the help of parental supervision.
This series is about exploration, be it mental, sexual, physical, or emotional. For the first time in their lives, these young adults are on their own, free from their parents and the influences from their original environment. For the first time, they can pursue what they want and discover who they truly are. There will be exaggerations and losses of control, fears and existentialist questions about life and their identity – on their journey to understand the world and find or lose their true identity.


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