Play On

Play On

»The recipe for success.«

When Camilla applies for a singing waitress job at Play On, the famous Italian pizzeria where members of the staff are artists, she is convinced everyone there will be as amazed by her voice, as the people in her life have always been. But when Vicky, the restaurant’s charismatic owner, tells her talent istn’t enough, she agrees to take a job as the kitchen’s general dogsboy to acquire the qualities she lacks.


Shakespeare once wrote: »If music be the food of love, play on.« These words are written on top of the stage at the famous pizzeria, Play On. The place has a vibe like no other, with its grand variety of world-inspired pizzas and its old-meets-new style. But the main attraction of this place is definitely its waiting staff, made of artists, which once a week on Saturday night, perform songs and dance for the guests. For the past five years, the lead singers have been able to break into the music business thanks to the spotlight the pizzeria provides.
Camilla (19) applies for a job as a singing waitress at Play On. But despite her undeniable talent, she does not get the part and is instead offered a spot in the kitchen; with the hope the experience teaches her some humility. Camilla struggles with her sense of self-worth in a constant battle between her belief that she’s meant for greatness and the insecurity that comes from not having people reassuring that belief anymore. She makes use of her resourcefulness every time the opportunity arises to prove herself to Vicky, hoping to get transferred to the singing group, but it doesn’t always have the result she expects.
Vicky (55) is the charismatic, cultured, hard working owner of Play On. Everyone in the business knows there is no one better to be mentored by than Vicky. But fame does not equal financial stability: the debts keep piling up and the pizzeria isn’t doing so well. Vicky struggles to keep it afloat, with the help of her right-hand man, Oscar (34), whose feelings for the happily married Vicky are getting harder to hide.
After three years of trying, Melissa (20) has finally gotten the job and is focused on becoming this year’s lead singer. She is a sassy woman who likes to be in control and only ever loses her coolness when it comes to Sebastian (27), a fellow sing­ing waiter. Melissa tries to help Camilla reach her goal, but Camilla is too stubborn for her own good and sees Melissa’s help as a plot to condescend and antagonize her.
Besides being their place of work, Play On also serves as a second home to all members of the staff, with Vicky as the family’s matriarch. The walls of this renowned pizzeria have witnessed tears of joy and grief, successes and failures, beginnings of love and break ups, and the birth of several music stars.