An accidental utopia at the end of times.

When an unidentified change in the atmosphere destroys most of the planet, the heirs of a disconnected family meet on a safe land they inherited. Looking for ways to function together in a dysfunctional world, they find themselves as feudal land barons of the 2070s and create an unexpected utopia.

The year is 2070. An unidentified change in the atmos­phere cuts off all of the world’s satellite connections, followed by torrents of cataclysmic hurricanes that wipe out cities and leave most of humankind in a catastrophic mess without housing, electricity, technology, but worst of all, without internet. Climate refugees are running for their lives. In the midst of this doomsday turmoil, Delphi, a young historian from Berlin, and her ex-best friend/boyfriend Jules have a destination: a promised land called Siberia, well hidden from the rest of the world – and ironically, it’s not in Siberia.
Thanks to her grandmother’s visionary spirit, Delphi is now the heiress of Siberia, but she is not the only one. Her grandmother Aylin, a legendary artist from Istanbul, bought this land and the castle in its center for her future grandchildren to have a shelter from the destruction caused by global warming. Unfortunately, Aylin disappeared years ago under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind her three daughters, who are engaged in a vicious war over the inheritance.
Once the cousins, Aylin’s unconnected grandchildren, meet for the first time, the long-lost family union turns into a power play, with all parties displaying their talents to prove what a dysfunctional family they really are. Cousin Ophelia from London is a pleasantly ruthless force to be reckoned with, who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her boyfriend Noah, is a semi-famous, doping tennis player, and her sister Indie, another heiress of Siberia, is a quirky, woke-born young girl, but now suffering from a deep depression she fell into after the near-apocalypse.
The fourth heiress, Pera, is a young medical student from Istanbul, who hides behind a friendly smile the smooth operator and the quiet manipulator within. She comes to Siberia with her half-brother Tuna, an unappreciated philosopher of modern times, and Tuna’s best friend Ferhan, a sweetheart with a galactic mind that can be the realm of random ideas.
The distant family and their entourage get to know each other, only to find out what a bunch of misfits they are stuck with at the edge and end of the world. After a few attempts to get rid of each another, the New Siberians gradually get closer by finding ways to entertain themselves at the very end of it all, exploring the land and the hidden village nearby, as well as discovering the secrets of the castle and the mystery behind the disappearance of their grandmother Aylin.
When Ophelia and Indie’s dangerously crazy mother Destina arrive in Siberia with an army of hungry climate refugees to claim the land that is rightfully hers, the conventionally dysfunctional family of New Siberians combines their forces, and they work together to escape the greatest threat that awaits them in their promised land – and which inadvertently transforms their comfortable survival heaven into an unexpected utopia.


Gülin Küllü