Roma Raju

Roma Raju

MA Serial Storytelling

+49 162 6720058


I’m a mediocre software engineer turned amateur photographer turned pretty good movie assistant director turned foolish creative producer of big failed ideas turned serial storytelling student from India. All I can tell you is that I happen to have an extraordinary collection of bottled stories in the basement for every occasion. I enjoy building elaborate story worlds with an endless scope for conflict. I write, not to escape to an imaginary world, but to understand this one.

There were times as a kid when I watched a movie and hoped it would
never end. I wanted to linger a while longer in that story world. But the movie always ended. The story, however, went on in my head. My guess is: that kid grew up to be a series writer.

Roma Raju

Alumna MA Serial Storytelling

Roma Raju - Graduate 2019 MA Serial Storytelling


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