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»Surviving school is hard. Surviving alien school is much harder.«


Ten year old Milo Goodwin is happy for his Mom: She found a new job as a spaceship engineer. Although, admittedly, that’s not the only reason for his good mood. Not only did his mother find a new job, she found it on a different planet!
Excited, the Goodwin family starts packing for their big move to Outlandia, a planet inhabited by  Outlandians, 14 lightyears away from earth – where no human has ever gone before! Milo, who loves adventures, couldn’t be more thrilled.
In his new home town, Milo goes to school with the weirdest looking kids. In class, he now has do stuff he has never done before – sometimes even things his human body is not equipped for, like fl ying, harvesting carrots the size of houses, or singing the outlandish anthem in a language that resembles his sister’s baby babbling in an uncanny way. But Milo is not a quitter! With his optimism and cleverness, Milo is on a quest to not only survive school, but to make worthwhile experiences and learn something – every day – about this strange, beautiful world which is his new home.
Of course, this is not always easy. In addition to many obstacles, Milo is constantly bullied by this cute-looking, but annoyingly aggressive mockingbird-like classmate. But thankfully, Milo is not alone: He has a family he can count on and a new friend in his class, a tree-like little girl called »Zuri«, who turns out to be a great companion for all the many adventures ahead of them.


July Rodríguez