Book of Life

Book of Life

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»Every touch reveals a secret.«


Gregg is an ambitious life coach and motivational speaker, who desperately needs to believe his own bullshit. His entire career is built on lies he uses to craft a perfect image of himself, although he would never admit this.
One day he stumbles upon the Book of Life – an ancient magical book that contains all the secrets of the world. Only upon opening it does he discover that he is now cursed: everyone he touches will learn one of his  secrets, and he has no control over which secret will be revealed. The timing couldn’t be worse – Gregg’s  mother just died and his family is in constant hugging mode. His girlfriend is ovulating and desperate for  some procreation copulation, and he himself just sold a thousand tickets for »a touching seminar«.
Gregg tries to break the curse without wrecking his whole lifein the process, and only by coming to terms with his darkest secrets he is fi nally able to move on … And so is the Book, looking for another person living in  such deep lies and deceptions that they are in dire need of a sobering curse.
Each season of this anthology series will follow a different protagonist, whose life is turned upside down when they receive the magical and all-powerful Book of Life.


Ljubica Luković