1:1 CONCERTS / »1:1 App«
© Rianne Cox, Eliane Eid, Alex Tamayo

1:1 CONCERTS / »1:1 App«


From login access to 1:1 news, the app created by Rianne, Eliane and Alex is a hub that can gather all information in one place. We wanted to produce a space that can have it all. Users can book a concert, catch up on 1:1 news, communicate with the team, and get a preview of a 1:1 CONCERT experience, all in the same app. 

While keeping the aesthetics of the experience, the 1:1 app mirrors the narrative of the concerts. Focused on a main menu bar, the app introduces you to different sections that help the users get the most information out of their experience. 


Visualization Video

© Rianne Cox, Eliane Eid, Alexandra Tamayo