Vision Statement:
»An_Other« is a short film framed in a mapping experience. It portrays everyday objects, faces, and actions fragmented on architectural spaces to depict the delicacy, oddity, horror, and beauty of mundane life. In a 10-minute visual sequence that is repeated three times with contrasting sound designs and original music, spectators face up a gamut of sensations in an urban setting combining a minimal narrative from experimental cinema with the free-flow spatialization granted by architecture as a space-medium framework.

The notion of shared reality vastly explored in psychology implies that the absence of an interconnected view of the world and the oblivion of the act of sharing feelings socially can produce profound individual unrest and therefore pernicious social repercussions. »An_Other« is a reminder of the intrinsic and indivisible bond we all share as human beings, that is the capability of establishing a connection to another’s inner state by experiencing a setting and a situation together. It aims to spawn a collective connection while experiencing mental states about the world in a common environment free from the known mood of museums and the rectangular-frame constraints of the movie theater. It is designed for a mobile spectator and can be adapted to international close-knit or big-scale communities, especially those polarized by modern immigration flows since it serves as a mirror of universal sentiments.

Based on the six primary emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, and surprise), nuanced feelings evolve as subsequent chapters unraveling the complex mixture of building-block sentiments like shame, nostalgia, humility, and a wide amalgam of inner states. Each emotion starts up in a Pre-condition that reacts to an action and develops in an interpretation thus creating an Emotion that results on a Post-Condition that will be the starting point for the next mental state (like a cup being displaced and precipitating its fall, crashing on the floor and reminding a personal loss followed by sadness understood as regret).

The realm of emotions is delved into by combining self-produced and crowdsourced images aiming to spawn sensations in an urban and communal setting in Mülheim, Köln. Through this space-matched experimental short film, visitors can be reminded that human beings share a set of primal mental states thus finding a sense of unity between people regardless of social, religious, or ethnic backgrounds.


Julia Beerhold, Vanelynn Gorek, Marc Wendt, Mehrad Motamedi, Alessa Ordynans, Amalia Coutinho-Altenburg, Fabio Coutinho-Altenburg, Stephanos Triantafillou, Annalena Kayser, Peter Rumpel, Shiman Achan, Max Reiher, Thilo Kuhn, Thorsten Laetermann, Hristiana Vaseleva, Andres Thambaiah Sritharan, Gina Bellin, Henrike Neumann, Takashi Mitsui, Desiree Fey


© Loreto Quijada
© Loreto Quijada
© Loreto Quijada